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Skived PTFE Sheets

HI-TECH’S skived PTFE sheet is manufactured from the highest quality virgin PTFE resins. The sheets deliver a low friction and non – stick surface suitable for use in high temperature and critical electrical applications. The sheets are available in roll forms or are also available cut into specific lengths as required.

As PTFE is a non-stick polymer, the sheets can also be supplied with one – side and two – side sodium etching to help adhere to other surfaces easily.

Some of the major benefits of the skived PTFE sheets are due to its outstanding heat and chemical resistance. Its main applications Or PTFE Products are chute and tank liners, gaskets, diaphragms, cap liners, surface protection liners, plungers, electrical insulation, and solar panel modules.

PTFE Products

PTFE Products

  • chute and tank liners
  • gaskets, diaphragms
  • cap liners
  • surface protection liners
  • plungers
  • electrical insulation
  • solar panel modules.

  1. Virgin PTFE – excellent chemical, thermal and non-frictional / abrasion resistant properties
  2. Filled PTFE – PTFE powder is blended along with compounds to strengthen the core properties
    • a. 40% & 60% Bronze filled PTFE
    • b. Turcite ® – Click on this link for more info (Insert a link here           taking us to the turcite page)

  1. Widths – 300 mm, 600 mm, 1000 mm, 1200 mm and 1500 mm
  2. Thickness – 0.1 mm up to 3 mm thick


NOTE: Custom sizes can be made / cut upon request.

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