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Extruded PTFE Sheets

Machined components made from virgin PTFE sheets or filled PTFE sheets are used in various industrial applications such as electrical, chemical, Food & Beverage, press industry and many more.

PTFE sheets are inert, non-toxic and non-reactive and are also approved by the FDA, which makes them perfect for critical and clean use in the pharmaceutical and F & B industry respectively. Another important use of Extruded PTFE Sheets is to separate conductive plates in capacitors.

PTFE Sheets are inventoried in various sizes and thicknesses for our in-house machining of components or for the direct supply to OEMS and other companies for controlled machining of components.

PTFE Sheets

PTFE Sheets

  • Conductive plates in capacitors
  • Lining on outer and inner parts of valves

  1. Virgin PTFE – excellent chemical, thermal and non-frictional / abrasion resistant properties
  2. Filled PTFE – PTFE powder is blended along with the fillers to strengthen the core properties
    • a. 15% & 25% Glass filled PTFE
    • b. 25% & 35% Carbon filled PTFE
    • c. 15% Graphite filled PTFE
    • d. 40% & 60% Bronze filled PTFE
    • e. PEEK filled PTFE
    • f. 55% Bronze + 5% Molybdenum Sulphide (MoS2)
    • g. 15% Glass + 5% Molybdenum Sulphide (MoS2)
    • h. Stainless steel filled PTFE
    • i. Mica filled PTFE
    • j. MoS2 filled PTFE

  1. Diameters- 4 mm up to 250 mm are standard sizes
  2. Lengths –1000 and 1200 mm are standard lengths


NOTE: Custom sizes and lengths and larger diameters can be made upon request.

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