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Molded PTFE Tubes

Molded PTFE tubes or cylinders are generally used as machining stock for all kinds of chemical, electrical and mechanical components. These polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE tubes are used to make components such as seals, solid and envelope gaskets, which are used in various industries such as chemicals and oil and gas where PTFE properties are most required.

Using our advanced compression moulding process, we make PTFE rods and cylinders with a high quality surface finish, free from stress cracks, and close to the dimension of the end product, which in turn helps maximizing economy and minimizing machining and reducing material loss.

Molded PTFE Tubes

PTFE Tubes

  • Different types of Seals (Mechanical, pneumatic)
  • Washers
  • Guide Rings
  • O-Rings

  1. Virgin PTFE – excellent chemical, thermal and non-frictional / abrasion resistant properties
  2. Filled PTFE – PTFE powder is blended along with the fillers to strengthen the core properties
    • a. 15% & 25% Glass filled PTFE
    • b. 25% & 35% Carbon filled PTFE
    • c. 15% Graphite filled PTFE
    • d. 40% & 60% Bronze filled PTFE
    • e. PEEK filled PTFE
    • f. 55% Bronze + 5% Molybdenum Sulphide (MoS2)
    • g. 15% Glass + 5% Molybdenum Sulphide (MoS2)
    • h. Stainless steel filled PTFE
    • i. Mica filled PTFE
    • j. MoS2 filled PTFE

  1. Outer Diameter – 25 mm up to 300 mm (Standard Sizes)
  2. Inner Diameter – 12.5 mm up to 275 mm (Standard Sizes)
  3. Lengths – 100 mm, 150 mm, 300 mm


NOTE: Custom sizes / diameters and lengths can be made upon request.

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