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PEEK Customized Components

PEEK is one of the only polymers that can replace metal applications for high-temperature applications. It has become an essential and very in-demand material when no other material can meet requirements, in the oil and gas industries especially for drilling as well as production.

PEEK has also proven to be a successful material for alternative energy production in the streams of solar, wind, nuclear, geothermal and hydropower equipment and components.

All unfilled PEEK grades comply with FDA regulations for food contact and use in the pharmaceutical company. Medical grade PEEK is also now being used as body implants especially spine implants as it is a biocompatible material.



Hi-Tech has a complete machine shop to turn out finished parts from prototypes up to mass production facilities. We have been machining and fabricating PEEK for over 10 years. The parts manufactured using PEEK exhibit high load-bearing capacity and excellent performance in high-temperature environments. In additions, these parts are heat, moisture, chemical, and radiation resistant. PEEK is known to absorb most radiation amongst all plastics and polymers.

Some of the industrial parts typically machined with PEEK customized components are:-

  • Valve components
  • Bearings and bushings
  • Gears
  • PEEK Seal
  • Semi-conductor Components
  • Chemical components
  • Components for the steam industry
  • Oil and gas industry components

NOTE: Custom sizes and lengths and larger diameters can be made upon request.

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