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PTFE Customized components

Because of its unique molecular structure, PTFE in its raw granular form does not melt. It cannot be moulded into complex forms like other plastics & polymers. However, it is easily machined on all standard equipment, including the most advanced CNC machining equipment.


PTFE can be cut, bored, milled and turns using standard tooling. Typically PTFE is machined to tolerances of about plus or minus 0.01 mm. While closer tolerances are occasionally required, they usually are not necessary.


PTFE is very resilient which allows machined parts to conform to most working dimensions. Another method that we use in house is press – fittings. A part can sometimes be press-fitted at a lower cost than doing final machining to get the exact size.


Hi-Tech has a complete machine shop to turn out finished parts from prototypes up to production facilities. We have been machining and fabricating PTFE for over 30 years. The parts manufactured using PTFE exhibit high impact strength, wear resistance and durability couples with extremely low fiction. In additions, these PTFE customized components are heat, moisture, chemical, and radiation resistant.


Some of the industrial parts typically machined with PTFE are:-

  • Valve components
  • PTFE Bearings and bushings
  • Gears
  • O-rings, PTFE seal, and gaskets
  • Semi-conductor Components
  • Chemical Labware, Chemical components
  • PTFE Balls
  • Components for the steam industry
PTFE o ring PTFE Seal PTFE Bearing

PTFE o ring PTFE Seal PTFE Bearing

NOTE: Custom sizes can be cut up on request.

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