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Extruded PTFE Rods

Extrusion is a process wherein the focus is on a high-volume manufacturing process, which includes melting and forming the raw plastic powder/granules into a continuous profile.

Extruded PTFE rods are made in the same way. This method is great as it saves time and allows more flexibility to control specific lengths required.

These Extruded PTFE rods are further used as machining stock to make various components, some of the most common ones being rod oil seals, piston seals, screws, and even laboratory equipment due to its non-reactive properties.

  • Oil Seals
  • Piston Seals
  • Screws
  • Chemical Lab ware
  • Back up washers

  1. Virgin PTFE – excellent chemical, thermal and non-frictional / abrasion resistant properties
  2. Filled PTFE – PTFE powder is blended along with the fillers to strengthen the core properties
    • a. 15% & 25% Glass filled PTFE
    • b. 25% & 35% Carbon filled PTFE
    • c. 15% Graphite filled PTFE
    • d. 40% & 60% Bronze filled PTFE
    • e. PEEK filled PTFE
    • f. 55% Bronze + 5% Molybdenum Sulphide (MoS2)
    • g. 15% Glass + 5% Molybdenum Sulphide (MoS2)
    • h. Stainless steel filled PTFE
    • i. Mica filled PTFE
    • j. MoS2 filled PTFE

  1. Diameters- 4 mm up to 250 mm are standard sizes
  2. Lengths –1000 and 1200 mm are standard lengths


NOTE: Custom sizes and lengths and larger diameters can be made upon request.

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