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Acetal is a high strength, low friction engineering plastic that has excellent wear properties in both wet and dry environments. Acetal’s great machinability together with its dimensional stability, mechanical strength, zero moisture absorption and good load bearing properties makes it ideal for close tolerance parts.

HI-TECH offers both homopolymer and copolymer grades of Acetal rods and sheets namely Acetal – C and Acetal – H Grades.

Acetal – C is porosity free and is offered as our standard general-purpose grade. For higher mechanical properties, we offer our range of Acetal – H products. However, Acetal – H may contain a low density centre, especially in larger sizes / cross sections. Acetal – C offers better chemical resistance than Acetal – H.

Some common applications of Delrin, as it is more commonly known as, are for bearings and bushings, pump parts, precision gears, electrical components & food processing machinery parts.


  • High Hardness and stiffness
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Low Co-efficient of friction
  • Excellent dimensional stability, finish and creep resistance

Acetal – C Dimensional Available:-

Available Acetal Sheet Sizes:

  1. Standard Sheet Dimensions (Length x Width) –
    1. 3000 x 620 mm
    2. 1000 x 1000 mm
  2. Thickness Range – 2 mm up to 100 mm
  3. Available cut to custom size


Available Acetal Rod Sizes:

  1. Diameters – 6 mm upto 200 mm
  2. Lengths – 1000 mm
  3. Available cut to custom lengths


Available Acetal Rod Colours:

  1. Natural Ivory
  2. Black
  3. Colored Rods available in yellow, purple, red, green and Blue.

Acetal – H Dimensions Available:-

Available Acetal Rod Sizes:

  1. Diameters – 6 mm upto 100 mm
  2. Lengths – 1000 mm

NOTE: Custom sizes and lengths and larger diameters can be made upon request. Kindly contact our sales team for pricing and other details.

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